About DeBot

DeBot is a Multiplatform PHP IRC Bot, designed with portability and plugabilty in mind. He is designed to maintain high speeds under heavy use. Of course, with every bot, there are problems. The biggest issue right now is the limitation from PHP.

A few planned features for DeBot include Multi threading and global modules. I'm hoping to get threading into DeBot so as to greatly improve the speed and performance of DeBot.

A large issue with the internet is that servers don't always respond in a timely manner (sometimes not at all), which in turn causes DeBot to lock up and time out.

Another feature of DeBot planned is to introduce a global module. This will allow you to make modules to run outside of the bot. One example could be a module to allow you to use IRC commands in a web browser through a global module acting as a web server. This way you can bypass the message limits of IRC and add commands as long as you need. Or if the Main bot isn't responding, or if he timeouts and you need to get him started, instead of logging into SSH, you can login to this module's web source and get your bots back into shape. With global modules the ideas are limitless!

History of DeBot

DeBot stems from over half a year of IRC research and bot research. I looked through countless bots and saw how many people did things. This helped develop this final version of DeBot. I took the desires I wanted, such as a single Bot instance on many connections, and implemented it the way I felt it should have been.

The source of my previous versions is available if you'd like to take a look at what I did before this version. The main thing to note about all of these projects is that I was and still am learning. There are always better ways to do something and I look forward to learning it. If you have any suggestions about DeBot, the framework, or projects I should work on next, let me know.